Things are not going that well for me.

1. Fighting with fiancé.

2. Forgot I was supposed to work yesterday. Item #1 stemmed from having to break off our plans when work called me to ask if I was running late…yes. Yes I was. By an hour and 17 minutes.

3. Having to respond to 5 angry guest emails/social media tags over the last few days…and there are two more waiting for me tomorrow (unless someone else does them). But at least I didn’t have to deal with the one who was threatening us and lying through his teeth about something dumb.

4. I skinned one of the knuckles on my finger while restocking stuff at work yesterday. It hurts so very much, but I can’t keep a bandaid over it because I wash my hands too often and I’d be changing it again and again and again.

5. I was filing the stubs from my bills and bank statements, and I found a bill related to the crash that I hadn’t forwarded to the insurance company yet and forgot about…ugh.

6. Netflix is having a problem, but I don’t have an account. It’s my sister’s account. So if I log it out, I can’t log back in because she is sleeping and I don’t have the password. -_-”

I guess that means I will go read a book or something. Maybe fold laundry that’s been waiting patiently in its basket…

But I’ll leave you with this.

Me: *raging* I’m fucking DONE with all this stupid whining. Why can’t our guests just be HAPPY?
Paris: Happiness is an illusion.
Me: Can’t they just think they’re happy? I’d settle for illusory happiness at this point.
Paris: I can think of some people who embraced illusory happiness.
Me: Who? I want to meet these people and learn their ways.
Paris: The Nazis.
Me: Naturally. I retract my previous statement.
Paris: *laughing*
Me: Although…I confess…I do really enjoy their super happy sounding music…