Terror is falling asleep whilst driving, and knowing that you are SO CLOSE to home, but powerless to keep your eyes open for more than a minute or so.

And then when you open them after blinking a little too long, you see you are drifting, but even that doesn’t make your heart hammer hard enough to keep you from doing it again…and again…and then when you pull up in front of your house, you think, “maybe I will just sit back for a minute to see if the rain will let up…”

No idea how long I dozed in my car once I was finally parked, but I definitely did the right thing in leaving work early.

I came in the house and put some things away and went upstairs and promptly fell asleep for two hours. Almost missed dinner because mom forgot that unless I’m physically dragged out of bed, I have an automatic setting that reassures people that I am awake, and despite how convincing I am when using this setting…it’s 100% a lie and I will not even remember that you tried to wake me.

Naturally, I am not nearly as sleepy now…but Imma go pluck my laundry from the dryer and try very hard to sleep for a while.