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I was reading this article the other day, about sleep paralysis… it’s interesting stuff. The idea that our brains are wired to show us terrifying things when we are transitioning between sleep and wakefulness.

Why would we do that to ourselves?
No clue. That’s a question for scientists to answer, I suppose.

Still. Interesting.

I am pretty sure that I’ve experienced it before. Twice that I recall. One time when I was in college, in my semi-underground room (it was above the basement, but the windows were right at the level of the grass in the yard), and I was awake, but I couldn’t move or open my eyes and I thought I heard people talking and it scared me that I couldn’t move to see who could be in my room…

The other time is weird, because I definitely couldn’t move, and I definitely saw a shadow-figure crouching at the end of my bed and watching me…but the bit that makes it weird is that I wasn’t terrified or even surprised to see the shadow-figure. Because it seemed familiar. Very familiar. As in, the shadow was me. My Wolf-me.

Naturally, my Wolf would watch us sleep. And wear a human-shape that resembled me enough that I would recognize ourself.
*rolls eyes*

See, seeing yourself is not terrifying, but it’s hard to put out of your mind. Especially when you come to the reaisation that nobody else talks about that kind of thing happening to them.

Demons? Yes. Murderers? Absolutely. Menacing phantoms? Of course. Their own selves? Um. No.

On a semi-related note though, I have finally found someone who’s shared a dream with me wherein he changed POV between characters and saw himself in his own dream. That’s exciting to hear about, and makes me feel a bit less uneasy about my own dreams wherein I am never me and I am doing stuff like, you know…possessing people and making them do things that they otherwise would not do.


Welp. Now I will go to bed and maybe have some actual dreams instead of just typing about them.