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Here is a thing: I haven’t read my fiancé’s blog since August 2013. I saved it to my favourites, and checked back every day for a while. And then every week. Every month…

No new entries. Ever? Okay…

It seemed unusual, given that we met over blog posting, but I never asked him why he stopped keeping his blog…figured he was just more interested in a music blog, since he has one of those as well, which I was seeing updates for…

But he posted a link on FB the other day, connecting to the blog…and there are now two years’ worth of posts that I need to find time to read. Because I’ve never seen them before. Because SOMEHOW when I saved the link to my favourites, it wasn’t on the home page…it was on a specific post, and I never realized it because I am a stupid creature. x_x

One less mystery in my life, I suppose.

There is also this: things that come in tubes. Like toothpaste. Or Neosporin. Or…idk. Other stuff in tubes.

And my sisters and my fiancé are the sort of people who just squeeze these tubes at the middle, so they’re all lumpy and weird and you can’t really tell how much toothpaste is in it…

Barbarians! Have they not read the entire packaging, which says that for best results, one should flatten the tube from the bottom up? Don’t they want the best results?! D:


So, now I’m guilty of picking up everyone’s toothpastes and “fixing” them so that I don’t lose my mind. -_-”

And then there is this, too:

Blair: So, Jew’s impatient ass–
Me: –What? Just stop. What?
Blair: Oh my gosh, no! *laughing* That’s not even what I meant to say!
Me: Then please, let’s start from the beginning, and this time you will tell me the name of an actual employee who I actually want to hear about.
Blair: *laughing too hard*
Me: -____-”
Blair: Joe. I meant Joe’s impatient ass needs some change for his drawer.
Me: You know what? Working in this office has eliminated any doubts I may have had about Freudian slips being real.
Blair: Sorry!