Hm. One of my employees told me that after our GM, I’m the manager who people goof off around the least.

I do not know how to interpret this data.

I don’t even have a good conversation to share, although we had a lot of fun ones today (not one with Nazis this time, because although it is a rule that we have to have one of those every time I set foot in the theatre, today’s was lame…), but the one I was thinking of adding here was…really dark. And I feel like maybe it crosses some kind of line.

…which is probably a small contributing factor in why people don’t goof off around me as much. 😐

Anyway. I’ve got an appointment for my cat tomorrow AM, so I will probably try and sleep now so I can get up on time for that.

It’s going to take an incredible amount of willpower to NOT open the book I want to start…since I FINALLY finished A Storm of Swords and can now take a pause from Westeros and read something where, after ten pages, I can already not keep the characters straight and will have to start at page one again tomorrow night.