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I have done one of those foolish things again. Those kinds of foolish things where, when I did them, I was not fully aware of what it was that I did.

My Wolf is thinks we should not be bothered, but he is being sympathetic. I can tell because of all the grooming. That me is not nearly so fastidious. “Does it matter?” he asks.
-It matters if someone notices.
-How likely are they to notice?
-I don’t know. Not very?
-Then it does not matter.
-But what if they do?
-Then you will simply have to own it and act like you knew what you did.
-Doesn’t that…ah…make me seem kind of awful?
-That’s where we win. We already know we are awful. We’ve done plenty of awful things. This one isn’t so bad. And if anyone thinks so–well, they would be ashamed to know us better, wouldn’t they?
-Thanks. You always know how to make me feel better about ourself. *so much sarcasm*

Oh well. On the upside, my mental landscape does not have snow this time. Just long grass. The kind with those saw blade edges that hurt when you walk through with bare legs…

I suppose I should be more concerned with this internal dialogue than with what the foolish thing was that we did. Ah well. *shrug*

Different topic, I suppose?

After making it through three GoT books, the last of which was 1000+ pages, this book of barely 300+ pages that I’m on now is winding down far too quickly.

It’s not the most awesome thing I ever read, but it’s leaps and bounds away from being as bad or incomprehensible as the reviewers made it out to be. I’m offended on behalf of the author, that these people almost dissuaded me from reading it.

Plus…they didn’t prepare me adequately for the constant stream of jokes about gingers. 😛
No doubt I’ll have more to say about that once I’ve finished it. Sometime this weekend, probably.

And now I think I shall try and sleep, so that tomorrow I might go get my hair cut and then go to our employee screening of Ant-Man, and then see Toni. She was sad because she missed “national doughnut day”, so I am taking her doughnuts. Nice ones, even.

Because in this country it doesn’t matter what day of the year it is: we can enjoy doughnuts whenever we like. (No doubt my office mates would be proud of me, for expressing this sentiment.)

Now. Sleep.