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My parents decided to get the driveway sealed a few days ago, and the neighbors next door decided to do it too that same day…and the next day, two houses across the street and then the one on the other side of us decided to do it too…

Bloody annoying to be the last one home at night and have to park all the way down around the corner and walk to the house. I’ll murder someone if it rains tomorrow and I have to walk in a downpour to the house at 3am.

…I see now why one of my employees saved an Anger pin for me when Inside Out came out.

Anyway. Sleep, of course. But not before I leave you with today’s dumb conversation.

Me: You’re ridiculous.
Michael: I take that as a compliment.
Me: Really? Because it isn’t one.
Michael: You don’t know me. I’d take that as a compliment any day.
Me: Because you can’t get real ones?
Michael: You know, you’re starting to be my least favourite Nazi.
Me: Least favourite? Ouch. I’d like to point out that I haven’t killed you.
Michael: Yeah, well, if you were a good Nazi, you would have already.
Me: I never claimed to be good at what I do.
Paris: I’m using that idea to start a children’s franchise.
Me: I’m sorry–what?
Paris: They’re coming out with “The Good Dinosaur”. Why can’t I do one called “The Good Nazi”?
Me: Because then you have to define what you mean by “good”.
Paris: Hmm…
Me: …will there be promotional pins? I’ll need to take off work to avoid every employee trying to give me one.
Paris: *laughs*