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I got my performance review today, which was mostly good.

Actually, it was good. Not just “mostly”.
The biggest recommendation to improve on was for me to at least pretend to be more confident when I make decisions, because I’m making the right ones…so no big deal, right?

Right. Of course not. *anxiety* …I suppose.
We talked about my vague notion of continuing to move up, which I always feel weird even thinking about…largely because I see myself as incompetent, even though it’s not true. It’s one of the biggest recurrent themes in the Story of My Life.

I have no idea how to practically address that problem.

On a more entertaining note–when he drew up the file with my self-review, my GM got way too excited that it included my middle initial.

Him: Ohmygosh!–the N is for Nazi?
Me: -____-“