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Can someone please explain to me why there are SO MANY stupid “self-actualization” bloggers who keep subscribing to me? Like…first, I cannot fathom why there are SO BLOODY MANY of them to begin with, since some stranger’s blogsite is not where I’d start looking to improve my life…and second, why are you subscribing to me? It’s not like any of you supposed do-gooders are reading my posts and commenting and creating a dialogue with me, which is a more concrete way to help another creature improve their life…way more useful than shoving posts about “zen” and “carpe diem” and “how I got to make a lot of money doing what I love” or some stupid thing.

Nobody cares about bloggers who write like that.
Or, rather…I can’t imagine anyone caring.

Maybe the masses don’t want to think there are real people on the other end of a blog. What do I know.

I get that blogging is a “business” for some people, but you should at least look at a user’s posts before you assume they’re part of the audience you’re trying to reach and you like a post of theirs or subscribe to them in order to try and get them to do likewise. That’s just blanketing the internet with your blog’s name and not even trying to develop a relationship with your audience.

For example, if you read even a single post from me, you’d know that I’m just here to mess around and talk about myself because I can.

And why do I subscribe to people? Not because I want to see them spouting off “lifehacks” to me. I want to read about them living their own lives with or without “hacks”. I just like to keep in touch with Eden and Alexander and my other wolf friend…and see what the bluechicken girl is reading and thinking about books, read Jack’s very in-depth blogs about every aspect of zombie life, and look at the pretty sky pictures that an Indian blogger posts all the time, even though we’ve never actually spoken to each other, Maybe even listen to the recordings of an opera student who looks so happy all the time to actually be doing what she loves and giving us the audiovisual proof of it.

They’re all real people, and one can tell it when they post things. I like to imagine that now and then, maybe they are amused by the things I post, but idk. At least they know I’m a real person, and not some sort of junk-mail blog that is trying to get extra views.

Although, if I am honest, I have no idea why any of them subscribed to me, either (well, aside from the first three, whom I knew from Xanga). But I assume that if I bore them, they’ll unsubscribe. *shrugs* No way to know.

Just…seriously. STOP subscribing to blogs you don’t care about or users that you have no intention of getting to know. Life is too short for a lot of things, including continually scrolling past blogs in your feed that you know you will never read.