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1. On a part of the highway that I am always driving on, it becomes an overpass, and the wall dividing the north and southbound lanes splits, allowing some trees to reach up between them. Except that the trees are dead, so it’s just dark, spiky limbs. All the time when I pass them, I am saying to myself “those look like the hands of tree-witches…”

2. Called the adjustor about my accident today…the one in charge of everything happening on the end of the ginger who hit me. Maybe now they will get everything sorted out to finish paying my hospital bills and pay me back for missing work. The two biggest lessons I have learnt from all this are to not follow so closely behind other drivers, and also to tell everything you remember about an accident so that Comrade Doctor will maybe not decide that you have a serious head injury before your first set of scans has even come through. Out of all the things that happened, I’m still cross about that one. I could have avoided at least four hours of panic attack regarding the needle jammed in my arm–which I still have a mark from–if I had only been able to better answer that question.

3. Trying to get this wedding business back in motion. For spring, we hope. I have yet to send this email, but I am going to email the coordinator before bed. How nerve-wracking…

4. Washed all my laundry and bedding today. Yay. And I even dried the sheets all the way this time so that I will not be sleeping in a damp bed. Because that’s what you get when you’re impatient.

5. Finished book 4 of Game of Thrones. Whew. That was some reading. I’m going to try very hard to get through the last one by the end of next month…but idk. That’s probably too ambitious of me, especially if I alternate with The Faery Queene, which I expect to be deadly boring…although it is not as bad if I picture it the way Dr. Summers kept talking about it–as if it were a B movie with the evil characters as puppets.

6. Been closing a lot. Often. All the time. Woo. It’s nice to sleep on a schedule, even if it is inconvenient for everyone else and makes them hate me. I likes.

7. Pandora has been reminding me that I like songs about vampires, so that’s nice…been listening to a lot of Colony 5 and Blutengel during my late hours of filling out paperwork.

8. This happened some time back, but…among the many things that one learns without really meaning to…I have always said that my favourite colours are black and green, which is so. And I like my reds, although they are not my favourite…
But there is this shade of blue that has always had a special place in my daydreams. Because one can make up striking landscapes in one’s head, and I don’t know how it is for others, but when I have done this, these places are always very high contrast, with lots of white (a desert of white sand, perhaps), and black to stand against it (a single dead tree with three arms). And blue (because, to be spiteful, there is a river in this desert). And this blue is a particular blue that you will know when I tell you it is the colour you see in little waves…it has a teal-grey cast, but it is very much blue.
…it was the colour of my character when I was first Reeser, and I could alter my text to be a gradient between a lighter grey-blue, and this darker colour. That was the colours I used when I met Melody and K and Amy and Jeremy and Rich. It’s very special to me.

That said. I learned that this colour has a name. This blue that has something of a grey and a teal in it is apparently called Prussian blue. *considers* I may have mentioned this, but I think not…but I did mention watching a movie.
Because I saw this movie, right? Of course. A few months back. And it was set in Victorian times, but in the end the main characters kill themselves–naturally–via poison. But the poison is blue. So blue. In a film where the colours were so drab, I had a hard time buying that such a thing existed. But, of course, when one asks the internet about poison, it is happy to tell you what you need to know. And so I learned about Prussic Acid, which is derived from the ingredients used to make the pigment for the blue that is my favourite blue. And I did not believe it. And then the internet added a bit about hydrogen cyanide. Because it knew I would want to know about that, too. And if you have any idea of what that is, you might see why this is vexing me to have learned that this colour has such an association.
And now I am free to curse the sequence of events that brought me to that page and ruined my scene with the tree planted in the pale sand and the murdery-blue of the water. And which gleefully informed me that all of our oldest conversations were poison-coloured.

And even better. Now we have office chairs at work with cushions that are so very close to being this colour.

I swear I can’t even stand it.