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Oh. Hello, Poland.

How nice to have a visitor whose encrypted search terms brought them to my interweb journal.


In the stream meaningless, small things that happen…but that are exciting to people who are fans of whomever did the small, meaningless thing…I made a dumb, grammar/spelling complaint and got facebook comments from Laird Barron. It’s at least a little bit exciting to get likes and comments from a writer I admire, even if I am certain that nobody I know has heard of him (except maybe from me).


Also: K read my email (which, after I read it again, it could have used some SERIOUS revision and clarification…oh well. she knows what I meant, I’m sure), and texted me while I was closing up the theatre…and she wants to import me to WA for a few days.


If I did little happy dances or something, I would have done one.
I’d love to go see her and Jon for a few days, you know…since I haven’t seen them since fall of 2011. Just phone calls now and then and lengthy emails about work, our SOs, pets, and bizarre interests that one can’t share with normal people… o.O

I never get to see my best friends, so this is like Christmas come early. How can I refuse? (Spoilers: I can’t.)
Heh. My music player is like, “Christmas? Here’s a winter song you didn’t actually ask for…”

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Time to take another stab at emailing the wedding coordinator.
And to look for my costume fangs.
And pay some bills.