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I read an article today that someone had posted on Facebook about how the roller coaster park is more at fault than the patron in question was for his climbing a fence into a restricted area and getting killed.

The primary interviewee for the article had a PhD in some sort of psychology, and consulted with such-and-such places about safety issues, etc…

Overall, his point seemed to be that corporations are responsible for thinking of the worst, stupidest thing that someone could do, and assuming that they will do it. Obviously, they must take all precautions to protect us from how moronic we are. (I should post the link, but I am lazy. Let me know if you wish to see it.)

It makes me feel ill to think that I live in a world where we have to operate under those assumptions.

(The same world, btw, where people were cross with movie theatre chains for deciding to not screen The Interview this past winter–if businesses have to assume that we are so stupid that we will climb into an area where we might be killed or seriously injured, then we have to assume that terrorists will carry out their threats.)

Of course, maybe we only operate this way in America. Which is also embarrassing, considering how many employees from all over the world work summer jobs at that particular park. (Hey, rest-of-the-world, come work a summer in America and see how insufferably stupid we are!)

*subject change*

The other day at the park, Jester was talking about music and movies, and one of the things he said was that sometimes he wishes he could watch or hear them for the first time again and recapture those feelings…

I see what he means, I suppose. But I feel it more with books. Because there are so many good stories that I can’t forget sufficiently for them to be engrossing to me after multiple reads. I’d gladly go back and read them for the first time again…

*subject change*

I have been thinking about the overarching theme in Game of Thrones, since I’ve re-read most of them again this summer.
I feel like, if you apply dragonfire and boil the books down to their core theme, you would see they are about disappointment. There is no happiness, or if there is, it is lucky to last for more than a chapter. There is no goal achieved without so much loss that you wonder if it was worth it. And I see that GRR Martin wants to give his books something of a “medieval realism” (except with actual dragons and monsters), but is that the way life is? Only disappointments and schemes that don’t work out the way you’d planned?

I’d like to think not. But what do I know?

*subject change*

Do you ever remember hearing a song…and you liked it well enough, but it doesn’t match your mood at all, and instead of listening to the song purely for pleasure, you find yourself critiquing bits of it? (Knowing full well that you have no musical talent yourself, of course.)

There is a song that I found that…I can see myself liking it in the proper circumstances…but…omg. The melodrama. It’s almost too much.

I enjoy a fair number of songs with what could be described as emotional deliveries, but…I know that nobody only records one take of a song. Everyone knows it. So to choose to use the take where you can scarce get the words out for the emotion…come on. I can’t fathom how that decision was ultimately made.

(my Wolf: Wow. Really? You, sir, are really hamming this one up.)

I must try hard to forget that I heard it.

*subject change*

Ehrmagerd. K is getting my ticket tomorrow. (I love being an imported thing.) Now I have to re-mould myself. Which I have two months to do…be exactly the way I have depicted myself to her over the last few years.


…of course, that is why I must find my fangs (I got tired and just went to bed last night). Because that, at least, would be something familiar. Something from the last me that she saw. (Is that an okay thing? That she probably remembers me most as vampire-me?) Also, she wants me to help decorate for Halloween (that must be the real reason they have me out to visit…because they don’t know how to Halloween), so if I am to help decorate and hand out candies at their first Halloween in their new house, I should probably figure out how to do it right.

(I did promise her an accent, so there’s that. Because she asked me back in spring to do it, so I’ve been working on it, bit-by-bit…it’s definitely not good enough.)

I’ll think more about this later.

*subject change*

I got a post card today.

It was from the government.

My driver’s license expired, and I never look at it, so I didn’t realize it expired on my birthday.

You know. Last month.

Obviously, I should start drinking, since they can’t sell to me with an expired ID, so I would’ve found out that much sooner.

So tomorrow I will get up a bit earlier than I usually would, and go on what will probably be a merry trip with my father to the DMV (here, Wolf wishes for a sarcasm font) so that I can get a new license with a photo of myself wherein I no longer have black hair.

*last subject change*

I find it odd that my older employees don’t believe that I am a Goth, while my younger ones look me over when I say this and go, “yeah, I can see it”.

Now. Bed.