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Got my driver’s license renewed. Bloody tired now because I’ve been sleeping really poorly the last few nights (so this will be short).

K didn’t text me to confirm a ticket, so I’m feeling a little anxious (what if she reconsidered? -_-“).

Jester seems unhappy with me, but I don’t think I know why. He seems upset that I don’t tell people every time we are spending time together. But any time we go out, he’s already posted it on FB before I would even think of saying anything…so doesn’t that mean I don’t need to? Idk. I don’t get what exactly he is wanting from me. :/

My boss was excited to see me today because he’d seen a video of a rubber band Gatling gun and knew I needed to be told that this was a thing that exists somewhere. It was glorious.

I saw a preview today for a movie that I didn’t have any interest in…but then…there was this voice for a character that you don’t see, and I was like, “wait…who is…? I know that voice…”

How surprising that it was so, and that I did know who it was after all. Because despite the business I work in, I am not very good at identifying people in movies. I know a handful who’ve had big movies or multiple ones in the last couple of years, but that’s about it. I am blissfully unaware of most of them, and most of the ones I do kind of recognize, it would be by their picture and not their voice.

Except that this is the voice that cheered me up while I was delivering drinks, and told me the fairy tale that I already knew, and the one which earned me all those outraged looks from the film club because I confessed that character sounded too friendly for me to straight-up hate them.

It’s the one I hear when I remember that she asked me to learn to talk that way, always asking me the same question, “What have you heard?” And which seems really to want to know.

And now…I have little enough interest in this movie, but I want to see it anyway. So that I can have heard it again.