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So. Movie stuff, right? One of our supervisors didn’t know that M. Night Shyamalan had a new movie coming out, so we figured we’d watch the trailer…only she doesn’t like scary movies. It’s been a long while since I laughed so hard as I did when she was trying to escape the so-small office after she realized what kind of movie it was.

Here’s the trailer.

Blair: Oh my gosh–she just told her to get in the oven?!

Me: Obviously, the children haven’t heard enough fairy tales, or they’d know that when an old lady is trying to lure you near an oven, you should go the other way.

Mike: And if it’s a German trying to get you near an oven, you go the other way fast.

Me: Omg. Really? We had to go there?

We also discussed whether or not I can fit through the money window, which I guarantee I can, but I am not sure how easily it would go. I may try it sometime when everyone else isn’t around…just to see. (Not like trusting Maggie to let me out of the small safe, which I am also sure I could fit inside.)

…we’re very professional.

I feel like we messed around a lot today, which was fine because we weren’t too busy (school being in again is glorious, even if it was a Saturday) during the early part of the evening. After 10 it got bad though…we had outrageous lines, but I couldn’t do anything about it because every body we had working (including myself) was already at a register, except the one girl carding people and taking tickets and the two who were cleaning theatres.

It was horrible.

…I may as well also note that I’ve been clicking around on Wikipedia in another window, and scrolled through an article where my thoughts were: “Oh? What’s tha–? Oh. Oh. No. Nope. That’s not okay.”

I’ve made a terrible mistake of looking through music that I’m not familiar with, and stumbled upon a band listing themselves as “industrial splatter porno pop”. I’d say maybe it’s time to stop reading in that direction. (Although now I’m concerned that my iTunes thinks I might be interested in this music. x_x)

Another problem I have with this description: how can you be industrial and pop? Am I making too fine a distinction? I didn’t think those two genres had a lot of overlap… *shrug*

(Really, we should probably just be glad that I’m taking a break from Rome and Musikkops recordings.)

My dad was funny the other day when he had to take me to get my new license…every time he hears just about any Goth music, he always asks if it’s “that one you went to see in Chicago”.
Me: No, dad. There’s more than one Goth band out in the world…

I should go easy on him. At least he likes Voltaire.

Aaand…in another window…we didn’t book my flight in time, so two days later, everything is about $30 more. Ugh. I looked around the site she asked if I’d search on, but…literally everything is about that price or more…up to $2000+. (I wonder what you get on a $2000 flight that you don’t get on a $450 one. I MUST KNOW! D:)

Going back to music: I have mentioned many times before (not recently though), but one of my favourite bands is a South African (relocated to the US a few years ago) band called The Awakening. Their vocalist also has a solo project, and I think it was maybe two years ago that Ashton Nyte released an album in Afrikaans. It’s…Idk…peculiar to hear. I think maybe the only other place I’ve ever even heard Afrikaans is maybe in District 9, but I forget if that was just subtitled in places because of the characters’ thick accents, as was the case in Chappie.


Welp. I think I need to send K a quick email about my lack of success, and then go sleep. And maybe also listen to a song 10 times more and be disappointed that I can’t share a link to it because the video is not so okay. (Not bad enough to warrant a connection to “industrial splatter porno pop” though. Yikes. x_x”)