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I had a rubbish sleep last night…took 2 melatonin and still kept waking…those little, annoying moments of wakefulness where you’re not fully awake, but you’re definitely not asleep. Also dreamt that my dog peed on my bed, but she doesn’t even sleep in the room with me.

Idk. It was convincing and probably what started me to being fully awake, but then…then the music started. In my head. And I don’t know why, but this happens from time to time where a sound in my dreams or in my subconscious is too loud and it wakes me. Annoying.

Also: what’s the deal? These songs are like, “something-something, vampires”, and I’m like, “hey, that’s great. I can get behind that.” But…then the translations are like, “also, we support global incineration. We thought you should know.” And then one of the songs has a vague political angle, to which I’m like, “woah…calm down there, vampires. That is not a good platform for you. I mean, you know you guys catch fire really easily, right?” And they’re like, “yay! Fire! :D”

I think that’s what I was thinking when I was coming awake and trying to turn my brain volume down. Still. Better than the murder-suicide songs. (Oh, and there’s the cover of “I Kissed a Girl”, which I forgot about but made me choke on my drink when it made an appearance on my shuffle earlier. It’s not that funny, but…you know. Sometimes things just appear at the wrong time.)

On the other hand, all kinds of good things happened today.

1. I am 100% going to see K and Jon. I’m so excited. As excited as someone as cool and unfeeling as I can be excited about a thing. Although I need to email her about the flight times before I go to sleep…hm.

2. Got to the last story in the book by Neil Gaiman that I’ve been reading. I’ve only read the story title and the first section title, and already I am excited to read it…because the story relates somehow to a barghest, and I’m interested to see which form it takes in the story (although let’s be honest: I will be disappointed if it doesn’t turn out to be a black dog-wolf creature). Saving that for tomorrow.

3. I got curious and asked Etsy if it had any barghest-related items. There is an oil painting, from a vendor called My Good Babushka, of a child with the barghest on a leash. I am pretty sure that child is my friend, Toni. It says it’s a Victorian boy, but it looks just like her.

The Barghest, Original Art, Black Dog, Ghost Dog, Hound of the Baskervilles, Victorian Themed Art, Cryptozoology, Monster, Night, The Moors

4. Tyler and I made office-supply crossbows. They are dangerous, if only because they don’t always fire…so you’ll expect it not to, and then it does…someone is going to end up getting shot with an ink-tube bolt. We shouldn’t be allowed to have the internet.

5. I can fit through that window at work.