I did some things today.

Went to Jester’s parents’ house to rescue some flowers that his mom had dug up and was trying to rehome. Perhaps they’ll get planted tomorrow so that they don’t dry out and die.

I also felt bad because I’d forgotten she’d said on fb that she was sick. And I just kind of showed up. Because I have no manners whatsoever. ūüė¶

I picked up flea killer to use on all the floors in the apartment, and on the couch and Jester’s mattress. His poor cat is going to be cross with me tomorrow…

I also went shopping and was sad at how much moisturizer costs. All I want is to avoid having the skin on my face dry so out thoroughly that it is flaking and powdering off. And the one I used to use is discontinued. -_-

I picked up a package at the mall, too, which is exciting (although part of me would like to go back a fortnight and tell myself not to do it, since that was likely the thing that put me over-budget for the month).

…I think I’ve been rebelling against the something that was trying to persuade me that I was done being a Goth (we can also blame Pandora and iTunes¬†for insisting that I want to listen to a lot of Blutengel). Because one “outgrows” that. Except that they don’t, and being a Goth on the inside is nice and all, but looking like I might be one is a fine feeling. (Another fine feeling: being able to wear a pair of pants that I bought 11 years ago.)¬†I’m not sure that I could pinpoint what I mean, but…it’s¬†that fine distinction between just having a lot of black clothes, and using them to communicate a specific thing.

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to best accomplish that again, seeing as I don’t go out too often and I have to avoid wearing certain things around the dogs so that they don’t get destroyed…

…maybe I will even bust out the white powder again (I wonder if my dad will get that concerned look on his face that he used to wear the last time I started doing this…?), since I think I need to practice so that I can have a proper costume when I visit K and Jon. (There is a hat I really fancy, too, but I think I am going to draw the line there, and try to satisfy myself with sending K an email about it because she might find it interesting…)

So. Now I need to get my laundry out of the dryer, and go to bed so that tomorrow I can plant things and then…idk. Maybe go to the park with Domino? Maybe clean the pine-sap off my car? Or…call the health insurance company about my messed up bill, since I haven’t done that yet. And get the last stuff in order about my car accident. FINALLY.

Aaand…then drive to the apartment and clean like there is no tomorrow, and figure out how to stop being a monster because it’s ruining my life and it’s ruining Jester’s life and I just want it to stop.