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Wheee! Finland! 😀

Hello, Finland.

I’m trying hard to keep my boss from thinking I’m an idiot. It’s only kind of working…but in my defense, how was I to know that if I submitted something to our home office, and they didn’t respond, that meant it was approved and I should go ahead? I thought they actually had to tell us it was okay…? (Please tell me that my logic is sound here. I will feel so much better.)

Also, maybe I poisoned myself with flea shampoo?

There is a flea situation at Jester’s, and my parents barred me from coming in the house unless I immediately bagged up my shoes and bag, and put my clothes and myself in to wash. Soo…I just used my cat’s flea shampoo. It seemed like a good idea. It only said it was harmful if it got into the eyes or if one swallowed it, and I did neither…but now I feel weird. All wobbly and bad.

I don’t know if maybe it’s in my mind, or maybe I poisoned myself, or maybe I am just too stressed out by work and fleas, or maybe because I am so tired because I opened the last two days, or maybe because I didn’t have lunch and let about 12 hours go by between meals…

Not feeling so good at all.
I need to lie down. Or something. And probably hear over and over and over and over into my dreams the choruses about the world burning…