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Yup. Imma do it.

And it was hard to cut down all of my creepy songs to a list of 31, let me tell you…

But there’s still the rest of September to enjoy, first. So I’ll try and do that, despite the flea situation at Jester’s, and work just grating away at my sleep, and my sisters pissing me off, and the surprise extra $100 on top of the originally quoted price for what it would cost to get my car repaired (except that it fucking wasn’t a surprise for the repair shop, since they knew it would be that much and just conveniently left out what the total would be with the inclusion of tax and “shop fees”, and now that I am thinking about it again my Wolf is wondering what it would be like to tear throats out, because that is kind of a lot of money to neglect to mention).

Anyway. I have laundry to collect, and then bed.