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This blogging platform is evil. It gives me links at the bottom of a post that connect to other posts I’ve made with similar tags or key words, and decided to bring up one of my posts about when my old cat died…

Thanks, WordPress, for that. -_-”

It did put me in mind of something a person said about me a long time ago…way back when the only place I’d really ever spoken to people online was the Five Iron Frenzy chat room…

We were having a talk about pets, and someone was being incredulous that we’d adopted a stray cat because they thought that stray animals were too much work and should be put down. (A troll, perhaps? Idk. A terrible person, regardless.)
Fourteen-year-old me wasn’t that good at arguments with trolls though, so finally someone else stepped in and was like, “leave [the name I used before Reeser] alone about his cat…he’s got sensitive heartstrings”.


I don’t know. As awkward as it is to have the reminders about my previous online identities, I suppose that statement is still true in its essence. I probably take better care of my cat’s health than my own.

He’s still got a few days of medication, and so far he’s doing better. No more crying or refusing water. Makes me feel like at least I am a semi-competent pet owner.

Now if I can just be competent on all fronts, and get a date to start planning for this wedding, and get my stupid bills paid out from the car accident (advice: never let an ambulance take you to the hospital…just walk or drive or have someone else drive you for free. Or pay them for a tank of gas later, because that is probably going to cost you less than $630 that the insurance company keeps putting off paying with the result that they just keep sending me new bills with ominous reminders that I need to pay them…also, if your house is burning down, probably just keep pouring cups of water on it yourself, because the fire dep’t probably charges you for it whether your house burns to the ground or not.)

Anyway, I have to get up at 530 to open. So…Imma try doing this sleep thing at night and see how it turns out. Not well, if my past experiences have taught me anything…bah.

(And this whole time I’m really thinking to myself: “omg…why wasn’t I just always Reeser? I could have been any name at all and I chose one where the memory of using it makes me want to claw out my eyes”. I’m hopeless.)