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This has been a poop day.

I went to bed around 1030, was asleep by 11ish…and woke up promptly at 230. Never managed to fall back asleep.

Used the bathroom, lay in the dark for another hour and a half, not sleeping. Read for a half hour. Tried to talk myself to sleep around 430, thinking maybe I could get in another 45 minutes to an hour before my alarm went off…nope.

Made it to work on time and that nocturnal creature that lives inside me was hissing because…like…I still don’t know how to explain what I mean, but I see morning hours so infrequently that the light looks all wrong to my brain because the shadows are coming from the wrong angles from what I’m used to…it’s very disconcerting.

Wasn’t a terribly busy morning, so that was fine by me…was hoping to leave early because around 2ish I started feeling that tired-sick feeling I have when I don’t sleep enough. Boss said I needed to stay, so boo.

Except…not 20 minutes after he said that, my mom called me and left a voicemail, and she never does that. Ducked into the office to listen to it, and she just said to call her. That’s never good.

Called and found out that Deady was peeing blood, which the vet said could be really dangerous and meant we needed to get him to the animal hospital right away…so I bolted out of the office and hunted down my GM. Apparently I am at least good enough at displaying upset on my face that he told me to go ahead and go and he’d figure things out until the evening manager got in…

I was admittedly worried that this was going to come off as me making up an absurd reason to leave early (because of course the two people I talked to about Deady the other day weren’t in today to vouch for the validity of my story). Fortunately, my boss is not a skeptical jerk.

But, then I had to drive the 35 minutes home in a downpour, run inside the house and change, and since she’d already been there before, my youngest sister drove us to the animal hospital. Got there a bit before 430, and they had a look at him and did some tests…and the root problem seems to be this really serious infection, so now he’s got an antibiotic on top of his other medications, and I’m out almost $300 more.

I’m just bleeding money. I shouldn’t even be surprised anymore…if it’s not my car, then it’s the poor kitty
And I can’t not spend the money for those two things because A) I don’t want to die because of something I should’ve fixed on the car, and B) I get to decide if I want to seek medical help, but kitty cannot decide that for himself…and he doesn’t deserve to die because some idiot decided to just not go to the vet and hope he’d get better on his own.


I just want to have a month or two go by where this kind of stuff is not happening. That’s all I want. And for Deady to get better. I want that too. 😦

On the upside, I am so, so glad that they didn’t have to keep him after all and drug him up so he could spend days with an IV and catheter. *shudders*

We did see something that gave us a laugh on the way home…part of the way we drove was on country roads, and there was this old brick house close to the road, its windows and doorway boarded over….
The boards over the front door had some blue graffiti, and a giant symbol that looked like a pentagram at first, but the star had 6 points,

So I was like: Do you see that?
Katelyn: Yep. Those demon-worshipping youths.
Me: But these ones are raising Jewish demons. *pause* Is that the thing to do these days? Regular old Satan isn’t good enough anymore? Mephistopheles?
Katelyn: What?
Me: I just thought maybe you would know about this kind of thing…
Katelyn: *laughs* Shut up.

Idk. This is all too stupid to bear thinking about anymore.

I’m crazy tired though. I should try and go to bed soon.