Aw, man. It’s nice to laugh–that ridiculous laughing where you have trouble stopping, and once you do, you just think of the reason you were laughing and it starts all over again.

I think I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t trying to be quiet and not disturb my family. 😛

Thinking that maybe I’m just tired…normally hearing someone mispronounce thunderstorms wouldn’t make me laugh so hard.

Anyway. We got a 90 on our audit, so that’s nice. Boss is thinking about taking us for food to celebrate sometime in the next week or so. Yay us. ^_^

And…one of my officemates had a story about her grandparents making concentration camp references about their assisted living situation… -_-”

Blair: Yeah, so when Pop-Pop said that, I thought of you right away.
Me: Normally, I would be flattered that someone was thinking of me…but…just…why?
Mike: Wait, wait. Hold up. *to me* are you gonna say you did Nazi that coming?
Me: Omgeeeee! Get out.

Not gonna lie: I’m surprised that as long as this has been going on, today is the first time anyone’s made that pun. It’s so obvious.

Also, this happened.

*Maggie smacks a pack of papers onto the desk and lets out a string of profanity*

Me: I have no idea why you’re mad, but that was dramatic.

Blair: Very.

Me: Like this one time when my sister and I watched a Korean soap opera, and this woman was holding a heavy vase and screaming at this guy…and we were like, ‘hit him! hit him!’ and then she just set the vase firmly back on the counter and walked away.

Blair: Jeez, what a letdown.

Maggie: Well, I’m mad because this fucking report says we’re $800 over on payroll, and it’s WRONG. But…I get what you mean. I watched some Korean soaps when I was in college.

Blair: What are these Korean shows you’re all watching?

Maggie: Umm…let me look *opens Wikipedia*

*Blair steps out to answer a radio call*

Me: So, if it’s any consolation…I’m thinking your report is wrong because the numbers aren’t finished posting yet. Mike was getting frustrated with them before you got here.

Maggie: Ugh. That’s the last big thing I needed to work on tonight. I’m so bored. *clicks through random articles before settling on one about phobias* Have you heard the theory that your fears are all ways you died in past lives?

Me: No?

Maggie: If that was a thing, I died in so many awful ways…drowning, being eaten by some giant creature in the water, being eaten by bugs, being…killed by someone in a clown costume. *finds a link to John Wayne Gacy*

Me: That’s a lot of things you’re afraid of.

Maggie: *sad noise*

Me: I’ve got…what? Needles. *considers* That’s pretty bad. How would I have died then? Drug overdose? Lethal injection?

Maggie: You were an unsavory person, apparently.

Me: *sad noise*

*Blair comes back*

Maggie: *is now perusing a list of serial killers and their crimes* Oh my gosh, this guy drowned, like, over a dozen people before he was caught. That’s like my worst fear.

Me: That a serial killer will get you? You didn’t mention that one.

Maggie: No, drowning. *pause* All of these are dudes.

Me: Well, woman serial killers are rarer. But they exist. They’re like…nurses who kill babies and the elderly.

Maggie: What was the name of that doctor who killed people?

Blair: Kevorkian?

Maggie: No, not that one. The one who was, like, obsessed with experimenting on twins. The German one.

Me: …Mengele?

Maggie: *looks it up* Yep. That’s him.

Blair: So…how did you go from looking up Korean soap operas to reading about serial killers?

Me: Maggie was left alone with me. I think we’ve all seen how my presence affects people in strange ways…

*Maggie laughs*