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O yay–it’s October!

I shall make a valiant effort to not bring you a neverending list of my misfortunes. Instead, we’ll have the Halloween and monster musics I promised you.

Sounds like a good change, right?

For probably the first three years that I worked at the theatre, my nametag said that The Nightmare Before Christmas was my favourite movie, and all told, I’ve liked it since I was probably seven years old. (When I was in second grade, I basically re-told this story for one of out little story-writing assignments…except with cats.)

So yeah. It’s a fun movie…good songs throughout.

I don’t really have much in the way of any holiday traditions anymore because of my job, but I am pretty sure I at least watch this movie once every October. Aaand, once upon a time, before I worked at the theatre, I heard a cover of this song being played in the bathroom at the theatre I ended up working at (how blissfully unaware I was of what my fate would be…), and that was probably also the song that got me to admit to myself that I kind of like some of Marilyn Manson’s songs…

If you’re interested in hearing that cover, here’s a bonus for you.

And, as I launch my campaign to bring you an October soundtrack…does anyone have any good Halloween movies for me to try and persuade my friend K to watch with me when I visit her at the end of the month?