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Ever been so upset that you just really can’t remember what day it is anymore? That was me yesterday. I started October a day early :O

Anyway. I know what day it is for reals now. For really reals. But since I already used my Oct. 1st song, that means I get to squeeze in another song before October ends. (Not that I didn’t already add a bonus one yesterday…I guess I just love cheating :D)

This one has a punk sound, and makes me think of goofy B horror movies and serial killers…

Also, fun fact: this band appeared in a goofy British show called The Mighty Boosh. I never saw those episodes, but if I ever come across a site that lets me stream this series, I am curious to know how they figure into Vince and Howard’s neverending genre battles between jazz and glam-type rock.

And…on a semi-related note, there is a bit from one of their Halloween episodes that always makes me laugh smirk slightly as though I might have laughed once before in my life, but then let that skill atrophy.

I thought I should share it with you.

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