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Hm. Tomorrow night will be tough. I close, which means leaving at around 2am, and then I come back at 10am and stay through to close again because I picked up a crew shift that we couldn’t get covered…

Reeser needs some moneys though.

Anyway, here is a song about the Reaper coming for you.

This song is so absurd. It includes a lot of my favourite aspects of Goth music, but this a case where even I recognize that people will either love or loathe this song…it has a lot of cowbell. And an organ. And at least one line about tears that is really stupid if you start thinking too much about it. (Heh. My ex hated this song for that reason.)

But it sounds kind of spooky and brings cemeteries to mind. Mine, at least…I used to think of this song when Toni and I went visiting different ones and looking at headstones.