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I really wrote this yesterday, so it’ll be short because nothing noteworthy has happened in the few minutes between yesterday’s post and this one…

More music, of course.

I forget how I found out about Diary of Dreams, but this is one of the creepier songs of theirs that I am acquainted with. Whenever I hear it, I will probably always think of reading a particular story by Thomas Ligotti…

Vastarien is a surreal story…about dreams that are of a real place, and a book that contains the dreams about this place and that only the dreamer can read…and about someone stealing those dreams…

It’s one of my favourite short stories. If you like creepy things, and are one of those people for whom the dream world is unusually cohesive and real-seeming at times…this is a good story for you.

And there’s a song to go with it now.

(Tomorrow: a post including details about my cat going BACK to the vet because he was vomiting blood. And maybe about how I am successfully ruining every conversation I have with Jester anymore.)