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Eew. I missed a day. But I’ll make it up.

That only happened because I worked 16.5 hours yesterday. It was something. For real. Nowhere near as bad as working a regular shift at my old theatre, but I am not in a hurry to do it again soon on another Saturday.

Half of our staff were working doubles, so we were all kinds of exhausted…and we hoped attendance would drop by the evening, but it didn’t. We exceeded our audience attendance goals by almost 500 people. And half of that was for movies playing in the last two hours we were open. Whew.

I started slowing down at around 6pm…much earlier than I’d anticipated, which probably comes from only having slept for 4 hours the night before…my GM tried a little to persuade me to take a food break or something (Mike: Maybe fascism never sleeps, but it probably needs to eat sometimes, right? :P), but I didn’t…I am pretty sure I’ve never taken what would count as an actual lunch/dinner break…just…find down time during which to eat my food. *shrugs*

On the upside: extra pay, which I need for my kitty. On the downside…one of our other managers fell for a scam and I am kind of worried about tomorrow because our GM took me aside to talk about what had happened…and I don’t know how much trouble this other manager is in now. It sounds like it could be really bad though, and that’s upsetting. 😦

Tomorrow I will maybe have more on that, and another cat update since Deady will have been to the vet twice more since I last posted about him (tomorrow is a follow-up from his surgery).

But right now, here is creepy music again.

This is the first doom band I ever heard, and I was very impressed by the overall style. At the time, I’d never picked up a vampire novel in my life, but without any of the songs being “about” them, vampires were still the first things that popped into my mind. (Ruined cathedrals being a close second.)

It was fascinating to me that a style existed which could so vividly invoke that kind of mental landscape…and while there are other songs that are “about” monsters or whatever, this one I think is still good enough to make it into a Halloween music list because it has those feelings of mystery or foreboding that go into any good spooky story, and the overall season.

(Also, I seriously regret passing up the opportunity to go see this band…when I was in college, they played at an opera house in a city not far from where I live, and I highly doubt I’ll get that chance again. Because Australia is a long way away from Midwestern America… *sigh*)