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Ahh…so ridiculous, right?

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to the why of it being in my Halloween countdown. And then I am sharing it with you because it has the added bonus of being set to a little tune from the Wizard of Oz. Need something kind of silly to balance out all those creepy songs, right? 🙂

Now I just need to find something to take my mind off the anxiety of going in to work tomorrow and finding out whether our other manager is still with us…

As full of myself as it makes me sound…I sincerely wish he’d told me that he was thinking about doing this really stupid thing before he did it so that I could have had the chance to talk him out of it, or at least to cast enough doubt on it that he could have decided differently on his own. 😦

…our schedules are usually posted on Mondays, but it wasn’t out either of the times I checked earlier, and that makes me think something bad happened. *sigh* -_-

I’ll know tomorrow, I guess.
And…as anxious as I am feeling about that, there’s also the bit of me that wants to get the schedule for a different reason. I talked to the GM about the cat issues and my wanting to pick up extra hours to recover from how much his treatment has cost…and he said he’s work out a way to get me some more hours for the next couple of weeks, which I am extremely grateful for, even if that means I will probably be working some crew shifts and more opening shifts.

I’ll take it.

And now I will go to bed. After this, because maybe thinking about silly things will make me less anxious. -_-”

Me: Omg. Some of the things that happen at this job are ridiculous. So ridiculous I can barely believe they happened.

Mike T: I’ve thought that too, sometimes.

Me: Have you? Good. Because they tell me that our memories are unreliable, so sometimes I wonder if I fabricated all of these dumb things that I tell people happened. *pause* Except for when that lady threatened to punch my face in. That memory I’m sure of.

Mike T: I’m sure of that one, too.

Me: What?! You weren’t even there!

Mike T: I know. But…I mean, of course she wanted to punch you; you were wearing a Nazi arm band. *trolling*

Me: *goes with it* In my defense–I was told that people like bright colours.

Mike T: Red makes bulls angry though!

Me: I was dealing with an angry lady, not a bull! Besides, that’s a myth. They attack the cloth movement, not the colour.

Mike T: Oh. *pause* Just imagine if it had been a bull.

Me: …how did this conversation turn into a story about me being a Nazi matador?

Mike T: *laughs*