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Because this is really what we think of when we think of Halloween…

Costume parties are great. I like dressing up as things. It’s easier to talk to people when you’re in a costume, too, I think. Because, as in this song…you’re not you. You’re a different thing, and rather than making boring or depressing small talk, you can talk instead about the thing that you are not really. That’s usually fun. And I am pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks this. (After all, I’ve met at least one other wolf creature.)

Too bad the Halloween season is usually the only time it’s “okay” to do this, eh?

Now, about Voltaire…I think I’ve been to five of his shows since I started listening to his music in college. That’s kind of a lot for me because I don’t go out much anymore…but it’s always worth it because he’s probably also the friendliest musician I’ve ever encountered. We’ve spoken at every one of the shows I’ve been to, and I’ve been to enough concerts in my short life to know that you don’t see a whole lot of performers who are so patient and who care about their fans so much that they take the time to talk to as many as they can after every show, but I really appreciate that he makes that extra effort, despite how exhausting or tedious it must get.

That’s all I’ve got for music today…and now I must go to bed soon so I can get up tomorrow and go spend some time with my Jester.

This next week’s gonna be a bit rough…I’ve got 52 hours scheduled, which is almost 10 more than my average…and that’s not taking into account the possibility of my having to stay past my scheduled time out on the nights I close…

But I’m not complaining: I asked for this, didn’t I?

And…on the upside, our other manager is not fired (whew!), aaaaand the moment I stepped into the office today, my boss had two Nerf guns aimed at me and announced–no “hello” or anything–that we were going to negotiate a truce so that I won’t shoot him with rubber bands anymore. Lolz. 😛

And I got my refund for the antibiotics that my kitty didn’t need. And he’s feeling well enough that he wants to run around and meow at me for not taking him out into the yard. Sorry Deady, but your stitches aren’t healed enough to run around outside yet!

Not a bad day, I suppose.
Sleep. Now.