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Back when I was doing a Goth show for my university station, one of my professors (who actually cared a little bit about what I did) told me this was a cover of a song by a band called Oingo Boingo…today is the first day I ever even bothered listening to the original, and I don’t fancy it at all. Blegh.

This version is a lot more electronic, for sure…and, of course, about partying with the dead and wondering if maybe you’re dead too, and then kind of…meh. Not caring. Because when you’re dead, apparently you just don’t even care about some things (like whether you were actually invited to all of these parties).

If only I could stop caring so much, but not be dead. 😛

Went to see The Martian with Jesse today. It was a decent movie, but looooong. Not boring like I thought Interstellar was though, so that’s good.

Went for iced cream, then had a loooong conversation off and on about getting married and finances. They are my least favourite conversations, I assure you. -_-”
Still…I guess it’s not as bad as I thought before we talked about it more. Ugh.

Also…I feel really sick. Like…so sick. I am moving much more slowly than usual, but I am needing to just go get in bed and sleep forever. And hopefully not wake up in a few hours and vomit over the side of my bed.

Looking forward to that not happening.