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Finally: a song about vampires, right?

This one still makes me smirk a little. I don’t have any particularly “Goth” friends, but the two people I’ve been friends with the longest? (Including K, who I am flying out to see in a few weeks) Well. We met through online role-playing, and in the times when role-playing and real life start to blur…weird stuff starts happening and I’m pretty sure that the feeling of, “omg…why? Just why?” has occurred to each of us many, many times.

For instance: when K and I stayed up super late the night before her wedding, talking about all kinds of things…including that the basis for our friendship was a time when everyone else in our friend-group was annoying us, so we decided to role-play without them, and it turned into a bizarre scenario where I was a monster hunting her in an abandoned warehouse. Because that is how kids make friends these days? x_x”

It really was the first time we ever talked much, which is why I think I remember it so well.

And why this song amuses me. Because the whole idea of Halloween as a celebration these days is so we can dress up and be something we aren’t and feel spooky. But the whole idea of being a Goth is that you want to portray what you actually are or what you actually feel inside. Like…the opposite of the Halloween costume rituals. You aren’t wearing the disguise anymore, and instead you are just being what you are.

But sometimes, you know. We get to taking that too seriously and it just turns out all kinds of ridiculous, like this song. Or like that my two oldest friends still don’t ever use my real name, yet feel the need to tell everyone they introduce me to that it isn’t actually my name, and by trying to not be weird, they make it weird… 😛
Ah well.

In other news: the Russians are onto me again.


I took out my name (of course), but that appeared in my inbox a few days ago. And I don’t even sell things on Etsy, so I have literally no idea why this user started following me. I shared it with my officemates though, since some of them are really amused by my fake Nazism and that the universe makes little gestures like this to encourage it.

Anyway. Bedtime in an hour, so I can get some sleep before my 16 hour shift tomorrow.