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More vampires, yeah? Yeah.

Because sometimes vampires be like, “oh…I see you’re half dead, too. Except that our way of being half-dead is better because at least we are happy.”
And then you say to the vampires, “touché.”

The video for this one is goofy. Only because they were trying to not be goofy though. And because someone didn’t give the background extras very much direction. *facepalm*

Still though. It’s got a spooky sound and is about dead things, so I put it in my Halloween playlist.

And now that I’ve shared it with you, I should go to bed or something. Because I also am half dead (Wolf: actually, I am feeling pretty good…I could keep going. Me: Shut up.) from being at work from 10am-315am…
I just got home about 40 min ago and ate some food. Now posting this and going to sleep so I can be back at work again at 4…

My closing supervisor and I took nearly 4 hours to complete all of our closing duties, which is embarrassing…but at least we got through with a minimal number of errors, which is impressive, since we’d both been there all bloody day.

I’ll take it.
And now I will sleep, whether my Wolf self thinks it wants to or not.