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So, there are a couple versions of this song available for your listening pleasure…but this is the one I was first introduced to, and I am partial to it. It’s faster, and that makes it creepier to me…makes one think of little goblins or something.

It’s got some vague kinship with the way In the Hall of the Mountain King was written (a classical tune that we are familiar with because of cinema), with the fast little notes that make you think of creepy, fast-moving things.

I thought it might be a good follow-up to yesterday’s vaguely demon-related song, too, although “Devil’s Night” isn’t necessarily related to the actual Devil…more about causing trouble, in the spirit of a…well…demon, I guess. Tomorrow’s song is related to the film The Crow, which has a lot to do with Devil’s Night, so I’ll probably have more about that in my next post…

But yeah, nasty little goblins. Except at a rave or something. That is what this makes me think of, and a good enough reason to be in my Halloween playlist.

(also: my apologies, as this is also a rare occasion where I like a song with cursing in it)