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Heh. This song is still kind of morbidly funny to me…so Victorian-era theatrical. I love it.

And of course it is about a narcissistic gentleman serial killer, which makes it totally Halloween-appropriate. What’s a Halloween season without a psychopath murdering and waxing poetic about his victims? (This is also why I skipped posting Jack the Ripper by The Horrors…this song has the same theme, but with more fun.)

Bonus points: this song features a musical saw, a xylophone, and an accordion all at once. So many good sounds that you only get in weird (or folksy, I guess) music, and definitely in keeping with Circus Contraption’s name.

Sooo…hope you enjoy. 😀


We also had our manager dinner tonight, which was a good time…so much food! *dies*

The music there was weird though. Kept switching between bad covers of pop songs (so I was told…I don’t actually know many current pop songs), Frank Sinatra, and slightly folksy-sounding Italian music.

*song with accordions comes on*
Mike T: This totally sounds like something you would listen to.
Me: Mmm. Wrong language.
Mike T: Don’t hate on the Italians. They heard all the cool kids were listening to accordions. You know. Back in the 1940s.
Paris: They were your closest allies.
Me: Omg. I could use some allies right now…
*boss laughs*