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This song made me laugh so much when I first heard it. Not just because it’s so ridiculous, but because it surfaced back when I was in college and my significant other at that time used to get really uncomfortable and annoyed with me about this sort of topic…

One of those times when the universe wrongfully encouraged me to annoy other people.

But yes: this song. It’s not my usual genre of choice, but I have liked various musics from Joe Whiteford ever since I was, like, 13. So it’s been a while. And also, it’s really catchy. One of those songs that gets stuck in one’s head at inconvenient times. 😀

Aaaaand I also note that I hope we are all mature enough to listen to the song before getting uptight about it. Because on the one hand, there is that the speaker is a transvestite, and lots of people are not okay with that.
On the other hand, the song is fun and people who are okay with transvestitism might take this song as mocking that community.

And on the other hand…the speaker eats other people. So with that said…who really cares how he dresses? I think the cannibalism trumps his other modes of expression.

There are a lot of good, conflicting ways to interpret this song, which is one second reason I wanted to share it with you (the first being that it has such a fun tune), and of course it fits in with a Halloween playlist because one of the creepiest, non-supernatural movies I’ve ever seen is probably Silence of the Lambs, which shares a lot with this song, thematically.

TomorrowI will bring back monster-songs.
In the mean time, cheers.