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I like the vampire story, as it evolved from Le Fanu’s Carmilla, and Stoker’s Dracula…there are a neverending supply of tellings for that one plot of the human-type vampire looking for a companion for every conceivable reason.

It’s really very like Doctor Who…very much like that, in fact. *considers* I’m surprised I’ve not thought about that before…

But anyway. Vampire stories. I like the fine distinctions about how the companions are chosen, too…did they choose to become the vampire’s companion (or the Doctor’s, I suppose), or were they hunted out and chosen by the vampire? It’s a tough question to answer, depending on the version of the story and the reliability of the narrator.

I’ve got some more vampire songs coming with different answers, but this one seems the most common–that the vampire does the choosing, and while the companion could refuse…who would, really?

(Also, I have to be back at work in 7 hours for another all-day shift. Woooooooo. x_x”)