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This is one of my favourite songs from The Awakening. Unfortunately…there are two versions of it, and this was the only link I could find to the version I like. That said: the anime collage is kind of annoying…worse still is the additional audio they added at the end. If you listen, be sure to stop it at 4 minutes to avoid a sudden onslaught of Legend of Zelda game music.

Now that this is out of the way…

This is less a song about vampires and more about just liking the vampire aesthetic. It’s still enjoyable though, even making fun a little about how much work it takes mere mortals to pull off. But, as I’ve mentioned often, it’s fun to wear costumes…and they’ve been a Halloween staple for a very long time now, so this song is right at home in my playlist.

…it’s also one of the few songs I’ve heard that references Lestat and Anne Rice, and leaves Dracula out of things. As famous as some of the other literary vampires are, it surprises me from time to time that Dracula is usually the only one ever mentioned in music…but maybe I am just listening to the wrong things, eh? šŸ˜›

Anyway, Hope you enjoy. I missed yesterday because I went home Friday night, slept for less than 4 hours, then went back to work for another 16ish hours. I was very tired when I came home. Very, very tired.

I still am.
And with that, I shall post this and head off to sleep. Cheers.