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This song has a good title, translating to English as “Shrine of Blood”. Also about a vampire.

This vampire seems to be more something in the style of Elizabeth Bathory…at least, that’s what I think of when I listen to it. Less of an aesthetic as in the last song, and more of a medieval type violence. A vampire that is actually doing what vampires do: murdering people.

And despite that, the speaker in this song remains in awe of the vampire…one of those companions who is persuaded more by violence than by promises or aesthetics.

I think because of that portrayal of the vampire and her companion that this is a better song for describing the vampire as a monster…and the song itself is enjoyable. Violins and doom for the win. (Yay, doom! 😀 )

No more vampire songs in my Halloween playlist btw–I have more about them than about any other monster, but I cut it down to just these three. Hope you enjoyed them!

Tomorrow, songs about monsters in a more general sense.