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I admit I only know two Rob Zombie songs…but my general impression is that they fit into the Halloween theme. I think I actually only know this song because it was in The Matrix…? Idk.

This one has a lot of things in it though–witches, hell hounds, dead things…and if we include the video, there are evil jesters, clowns, rampaging robots, and apparently a little car dubbed Dragula, which Rob only seems to have the barest notion of how to drive.

The video is kind of goofy, but I feel like that’s part of what Rob Zombie’s work (music and film) is like…except in the horror genre, they always say it’s “campy”. Does that make it better? Idk. It’s not a bad song though. It has a good beat. I just don’t know how serious it’s trying to be. 😛