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I don’t know about this song. I heard it back when I was doing college radio…the label sent us a CD with a handful of songs from this album, which the rest of the station management team thought were super ridiculous (and they were), but I kind of liked this track.

Or maybe liked is too strong a word. What I meant was that it was…tolerable? I don’t know. Not one of my favourite songs, but I keep it around. And it has monster in it, for sure.

Lordi is kind of interesting, too, as a band…one of those groups one hears about who go to great lengths to almost always appear before fans and media in their monster costumes. Probably would have been easier before the era of cell phone cameras, when one could just have pretended that they really were a band of monsters, eh? 😛

Anyway, tomorrow I will probably try to post two songs to make up from missing last Saturday. I’ve been trying to draft these in advance so that they don’t interfere with my doubles, since working a 16 hour shift after sleeping for three or four hours is a grueling experience…
I am going to take a break from it for the holiday season, since I know that business will be ugly and busy all through November and December (not only is there Star Wars to make me want to go die in a hole, but there are at least 7-8 movies coming out on Christmas Day–disgusting), but I will probably be asking again for hours when January rolls around again.

Still trying to recover from my cat’s illness, and I broke down and paid the $600+ bill for my ambulance transport from back when I had the car accident in May. I am NOT pleased about it, but as the adjustor explained to me, they aren’t paying my bills directly…just gathering the information they need to make a settlement with me, which may not happen until after the new year because of the additional paperwork that Comrade Doctor’s facility sent to me and the adjustor’s department.

Very tedious.
Much bureaucracy.


Anyway. On the upside…cat is eating his food again, so that’s good. I’m happy he’s feeling better. ^_^

Cheers for now.