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Oh yay–songs with wolves. Finally!

Wolf me is excited. Obviously.

…he just wants you to think he doesn’t care.

First, we have a variation on the story of Little Red Riding Hood (spoilers: she dies). While they aren’t monsters, I feel like we are all aware of how universally vilified wolves are. They’re the “monsters” I most readily identify with and they’ve got a little segment of my Halloween playlist all to themselves.

This particular song is really dramatic and engrossing on one hand, and on the other…the female vocals are SO annoying and my Wolf and I wholeheartedly support disemboweling someone who sings that way. Dislike. Dislike dislike dislike. I enjoy everything else about the song though…but it’s not the kind of thing I could expect others to warm up to easily.

To illustrate, a quote from my fiancé: “What the heck are we listening to?”

Answer: that is what you get when you are doing what I did and clicking through the entire page of “apocalyptic folk” bands listed on Wikipedia. It wasn’t the greatest way to find things I really liked, but I turned up a few interesting songs, including one with bells that make it sound like a Christmas song when really it is about the Nazgûl in LOTR.

Also: I learned about instruments like the hurdy-gurdy and zither. Surely that knowledge will serve me at some point in the far-flung future. x_x

Anyway. If you don’t like this one, I hope you will enjoy the one I have for later, which is more in the darkwave/industrial style.