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Hm. This song isn’t one I usually listen to with undivided attention.

I wish I could find the lyrics for it somewhere, but it seems they are not recorded on the interwebs. At least not on any sites that I can click on with confidence.

I like some of the songs I’ve heard from Soil & Eclipse, but this is probably one of the less interesting ones, if only because I can’t catch most of the words. The sound is good though. One of those songs that is subconsciously causing you to drive faster…it sounds a little bit like some of the songs I’ve heard from Necromance, except with more dance in it.

But of this I am sure: there is some were-creature appearing in this song, and that qualifies it for the Halloween playlist.

(This is probably my worst selection so far, so I hope you will forgive me…I’m just too lazy to change it at this point. *gulp*)