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Okay. Today I’ve posted a good song, I swear!

This one is less focused on the idea of a werewolf, and more on killing that which makes one a monster…which strikes me as kind of odd, because the speaker mentions being the one who was bitten and cursed…but also seems to imply that he’s killed someone else with these silver bullets he mentions…

I feel like this is another one of those songs that could be interpreted more than one way, which is usually a good thing.

The music is pretty good, too, although every time I listen to this band I can’t help but think that it must hurt him to speak, let alone sing…he’s got a very gravelly voice.

This song also comes with a video, and is probably second-to-last on my list that has official footage that goes with it. This video has little enough to do with the music, but it’s also kind of creepy and worth giving a watch. There are masks and specimens in jars. What more need I say?

Tomorrow we move on to the elder gods and their gibbering cultists.