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Ah, yes…do you have a minute to listen to a song about our dark lord, Cthulhu?


I find that the songs about Cthulhu are usually far from what the stories about him are like…but this one isn’t so bad.

Musically, it seems to be that the story is always done from the perspective of a member of the cult of Cthulhu, rather than being told by the spooked outsider. Might explain why hard rock and metal-type bands are usually the ones that pick up this character in their songs? Just a speculation.

Ever since H.P. Lovecraft saw fit to actually show him to us in a story, I haven’t been scared or creeped out by Cthulhu, per se…but the idea of giant things lurking must be unsettling to plenty of people, given how many movies there are about giant monsters rising from the sea. As in Cloverfield and Pacific Rim. Every Godzilla movie.

Still. It’s not really Cthulhu. It’s his cultists. They’re probably more terrifying because when Cthulhu gets you, you just get eaten or go mad.

When the cultists get you, you’re still sane…