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This is close enough to the Frankenstein story that I figured it would do for a Halloween-themed playlist. But…as much as I enjoy the song, my Wolf feels like there are too many unanswered questions, which he likes to interject and have conversations with the song while we are driving…

First, guy, how is it that you’ve been scheming for a thousand years to raise this woman from the dead? When did she die, exactly? Like…what year is it that you’ve finally perfected a way to bring someone back to life, but you’re still using the aesthetic of the dark and rainy night? Is this in the far flung future? Is the rain really so acidic that it will melt you if you go outside??

More importantly: why aren’t you dead? I mean, it’s been a thousand years.

And while you’re thinking about how to explain why you’re not dead…how is it that she is not a skeleton? Cryogenics? This is the future, isn’t it?

Yes, alright. I get that she’s alive again and that’s what’s important. Very nice, I’m sure. Just not for her. Because, you know, now that she’s alive again, she’s…er…killed you.

Wait. *pause* Wait–you are dead now? After being alive all that time with no explanation? Whaaaaaat?!

Come on, guy. I am disappointed with you. The kind of disappointed that teachers try to convey when they tell you that you obviously have potential, but you’re wasting it. *shakes head*

Some advice for you to consider while you’re dead: next time you like a girl, just don’t let her die in the first place. If you can live a thousand years, why not her? Much simpler. (Wait…now I want to know how she died! Did…did you kill this woman? You’re horrible…)

Also, a question for the video: dancey girl, what is the point of you? Are you dancing on graves? Rude.