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Another song about being in love with a dead thing…
Except that this one has fewer plot holes.

Heh. Listening to this and the last song, I’d like to go back in time and redo some of my college papers to tie in the undead with Shakespearean tragedy vs. comedy…

The last one–definitely tragedy because they all end up sad and dead because some dude made stupid decisions…this one…they still all get to be dead, but in being dead, find true love. All of the comedies end with someone getting married, so that fits right in.

I could definitely have drawn that out for ten pages or so. 😛

This is probably one of my favourite songs with zombies. It follows the general storyline of a zombie movie, and despite George Romero being in the title, it reminds me more of the book Warm Bodies, because as much as it’s about zombies and wondering if your loved ones are eaten or if they’re zombies now…it’s also kind of sappy.

So…I guess one could use this for two holidays and just knock Valentine’s Day out at the same time. The undead are versatile like that. 😀