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Wait! We can’t have a Halloween playlist without some bats! ^v^

This is a fun song. About doing what you like and being a little batty (ew, a pun…someone kill it!), because, as we learned in the last song, you can’t trust anyone.

There is also a pipe organ in this song, buried somewhere under all the very enthusiastic guitar riffs. I think until this point I’d also neglected to get in a song with pipe organ–inconceivable! :O

The title is probably one of my favourites from the list…because as often as you hear people get annoyed (with children, usually) and say they were raised by wolves…you never hear it said about any other animals.

My Wolf thinks he would like to be a bat though.


Silly Wolf.

Anyway: this is reeeeeeally my Oct. 30th song, buuuut tomorrow I’ll be travelling for most of the day to see my friend K who lives waaaay on the other side of the country.
Looks to be a day filled with waiting around in airports and listening to music and starting on that book that my Wolf wanted so much. (Hopefully it isn’t awful…although back when we were perusing the first section of the book online, and noticed the weird narrative shift between the prologue and first chapter, we did not realize the book was a translation. We are thinking maybe that’s got something to do with it now.)

Excited to see her and her husband again, and carve some pumpkins and wear costumes and probably discuss our respective questionable hobbies…because that’s what friends do, right? 😀

I will try and post my last one via my phone, but I have never used WP from a mobile device, so I’m not sure how well it will go. The post is already written…just needs, you know…posted.

So, cheers for now.