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So, I post that bit about firing villains last night, and then I dream about work.

In my dream, I come in and find out that I have a new boss. And it’s him. That could have been alright, since I think the last time this character showed up in one of my dreams, we had a nice conversation. Except he looks kind of angry this time, and tells me to sit down.

He says that he saw my post, and was sad that it was true–he wasn’t getting anywhere as a villain. But…how do you find a new field of work when all of your primary experience is in plotting evil? He said that even though he wasn’t very successful, villainy was all he had going for him. It was rude of me to think I could do better.

And…then it occurred to him that maybe the next best thing to do would be to become my boss and tell me how to do my job and see how I liked it…and he just gives me this look. This really dark look that I know I am also capable of…but…definitely not when my boss is already doing it. And absolutely not at all when said boss is a newly retired villain.

…I think that after this initial part of the dream, I woke up a little bit…and when I dozed off again, there he still was, giving me the evil eye.

So…all I have to say is that I take it back. I apologise to all the villains out there who nobody listens to, and who are therefore prone to monologing at inopportune times.

If any villains feel the need to visit me in the dream world, I would much prefer we have a nice conversation. One where you are not my boss (because that makes me a minion, doesn’t it?), and where you are not secretly hoping to have mastered the ability to kill with a glance.

Not cool. Not cool at all.