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Welp. Tomorrow promises to be an interesting day. Not only am I still not asleep yet when I have to wake up and deal with my arch-nemesis, the Morning Shift…but in a double plot twist, my real boss has fallen ill and I may be tasked with terminating someone tomorrow if he shows up.

My frenemy from the dreamworld may take this as an effort to upstage him. Hopefully not though. I could do without more encounters with dream characters who can hold fluid conversations with me about my thoughts–I kind of prefer those ones who only have conversations with me that don’t make sense or that are incomplete…those conversations don’t feel as real and unsettling. More properly dream-like, you know?

Anyway. Today was a poop day with people not coming in, people coming in sick and me sending them straight back home for the good of the masses, and a guest and I having a conversation that ended approximately when she said, “I’m an attorney.”

Yes. Okay. Very good.
…I’m not entirely clear as to the meaning of that statement.

Like when they say, “I’m a doctor.”
Wunderbar!–but unless someone is choking or has fallen or I have broken my skull from smashing it on the box office glass to relieve my frustrations with your stupid remarks…then I am not caring about whether you are a doctor or a veterinarian or a basket weaver.


Truthfully, I could use a doctor. I think I am coming down with a double ear infection. The kind that doesn’t hurt yet, but since Thursday has been causing my left ear to crackle and pop, and as of this afternoon, has been causing the same for my right ear.

I am going to try and get an appointment for Tuesday.
(Such excite! Much antibiotic! Very co-pay! -_-“)

I am only glad that I am not so badly sick yet that I can’t enjoy things…since yesterday Jester and I got to celebrate 5 years together. I would have been sad to not be able to go out since it was also a Saturday where I was NOT at the theatre.

We went to see a ballet performance of Dracula, which was really interesting, given that it’s the Victorian-era version of the found footage horror films we have today. It was interesting to see it interpreted as a dance, even if Jester liked almost all of the characters better than the one I liked–I thought the girl who danced the part of Lucy did a much better job by far of portraying Lucy as a sort of airheaded girl whose initially cheerful dances got increasingly frantic as she transformed into the vampire, and then became almost joyously demonic when she started trying to kill her friends–none of the other characters progressed as dramatically between their first and last appearances. They were all talented though, to be sure. And at least it wasn’t The Nutcracker, which is the only other ballet I’ve ever seen in my life…

But anyway. I should sleep soon.

Oh…and leave you this. Because they’ve been trying hard to make up for all the remarks they didn’t get to make while I was on vacation, so I’ve got a little stockpile of goofy things my officemates have been saying to me:

Me: This office is a mess. How did this happen?
Blair: It wasn’t like this when I left yesterday.
Me: Well…let’s try and get some of this mess sorted out while we have a minute… *sprays down the countertop and starts cleaning while Blair collects trash*
Blair: I saw this vine that reminded me of you.
Me: Oh?
Blair: Yeah. This guy with the little Hitler moustache–he’s wiping down countertops, and he says in his little German accent, “I’m cleaning as facist I can!”
Me: …
*Blair laughs*