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Today was some kind of day.

Slept and dreamt off and on about a show I started watching…but I couldn’t keep hold of the plot of this dream, so that’s disappointing. I miss having dreams that I can retell. Haven’t had many lately.

Went to work and the first thing I did was mess up a projector I was supposed to be testing. Had to call IT and get them to bring up the content playlist because I closed it and couldn’t figure out how to bring it back. (I’m so good at my job…)

Then I had to fire an employee for missing three shifts in a row and then coming in this morning like nothing had happened. He doesn’t seem to grasp that he really, really is fired, and he wants to try and talk to our GM tomorrow about it. Not happening.
On the other hand, at least I succeeded in being kind about it. I think.

Then we found out that one of the schools nearby was out today. That was annoying because we weren’t prepared for it…we had three times our estimated attendance for the morning shows.
It frustrates me that children these days never seem to be in school for an entire week at a time. They’ve always got a Monday or a Friday off, or like last Tuesday, apparently some of them were off because they were using the schools as polling locations, and it’s too inconvenient to have children learning while an election is going on. It’s stupid.

Aaand then I had to adjust back to my kind setting because one of the other managers helped a guest on Saturday when I wasn’t there, but the guest was still unhappy…
It turned out that mostly he wanted to talk to a stranger about why he was in town to begin with…about his dad’s funeral and about how he was dealing with seeing family that he wasn’t used to being around. I like to think maybe he was at least satisfied with our conversation, since I couldn’t give him the compensation that he was looking for.

I am only a movie theatre manager after all, not a counselor.

Then, a pregnant woman fell getting out of her car right outside the front doors. She said she was okay, but…she went down pretty hard. It always worries me when they say they’re fine…like…what if they change their minds? Or what if they really are hurt? Gah.

And then I took the longest phone call everrrrrrrrrr.
I wished I’d taken it back in the office and not at the service counter, because our guests tend to just look evilly at me when I’m on the phone and not helping them, even when I am trying to rip tickets one-handed, and am only half-listening on the phone because I’m having two conversations…it’s obnoxious.

Still, I think I did alright with this call. This grandmother wanted to rent a theatre for a family reunion/movie, and she’s been playing phone tag with our GM for a week or something, so she was kind of annoyed. I’d already had to bust out my best set of people-skills today, so she liked me a lot and decided she wasn’t that annoyed. I don’t think I gave her any information that she didn’t already have, but she still managed to talk to me for 10 minutes (an eternity, I assure you…), and checked twice to make sure she’d gotten my name.
I was very clear (I hope) that I am not the person she wanted to make arrangements with, so now I am on the verge of being afraid that she will ask if I can be scheduled that day or some kind of nonsense… *shudders* It’s not like being on dine-in where I’d actually have to serve or something, but I retain a lingering fear of that possibility, and am terrified of our guests requesting me by name. Long-winded Austrian grandmas are no exception.

*considers* Maybe those 10 minutes was spent mostly with her telling me aaaaaall about the extended family that was visiting? It was very slightly relevant, I guess. She was asking me to judge what movies are age-appropriate for the youngest kids that would be there…and inside, even my Wolf is praying that none of the children’s movies we have coming out soon will have inappropriate content that we didn’t know about and unwittingly recommended to a group of 50-60 people… -_______-”

I helped a little bit with the supervisors who were trying to put a Star Wars standee together. We worked at that for about 3 hours, and I never even managed to finish the single letter A that I’d been working on, what with getting pulled away to answer calls and deal with sad guests and guests who fall down and omgeeeeeee…
We gave up after about 4-5 hours, but we’ll finish it tomorrow. It’s got a lot of letters.

While we were struggling with cardboard and fasteners, my theatre buddy revised a SpongeBob song to fit our typical conversations…I’ll leave that for you as I duck offline and go to bed.

Oh, and the original song, too. So you can get a better effect. 😛

*sanitizes hands after putting pieces of standee together*
Me: Ahh! Why didn’t someone stop me! I have all these little cardboard cuts all over…

Connor: Yeah, putting these together isn’t as fun as I thought it would be.

Me: It’s fine. I hate fun.

Thabet: But–but fascism is fun!

Connor: What the fell? Fascism?

Me: Omg. Really? Now?

Thabet: Yeah! *sings* F is for fascists who do stuff together. U is for uranium–bombs! N is for the Nazi party, and F-U-N spells fun!

Connor: Um…what just happened?

Me: Well, you’ve been ushered into the presence of Grammar, and my sidekick, Spelling.

Connor: …

Me: Thabet, I think Connor is having a hard time accepting our true identities.

Thabet: That was an awesome song though.

Me: Too awesome. Let it never be heard again.

Thabet: Aww, man…