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I must dying. Or it’s cold out. One of the two.

This is day three of not being able to tell if I am running a fever or not. And it’s cold in the house. My muscles have these screaming pains from all the shivering. *sigh*

In other news: boss is still MIA. Maggie said she saw him briefly yesterday morning, but that he mostly was in his office and didn’t talk to her and left early. That’s pretty unlike him. She said she and Tyler had questions about some things today, but he wasn’t answering their texts. I also have a pretty extensive list of questions about things that happened this past week…but I hope he’s alright. Didn’t realize he was this sick. :/

Tyler was pretty onboard with the dream I’d had though.

Tyler: So wait, our boss was the bad guy from Spectre?
Me: Yeah.
Tyler: So Christoph Waltz was our boss? I’d be cool with that. That would be awesome.
Me: I would have been, except that he became our boss specifically to spite me.
Tyler: I have no problem with anyone being spiteful toward you.
Me: Rude.
Tyler: I mean, I’m not gonna argue with anyone that awesome. He could have fired me and I’d have been cool with it.
Me: Oh?
Tyler: Except that it would have to be the Christoph Waltz from Inglourious Basterds.
Me: *laughs* He does seem a lot friendlier in that one.
Tyler: Hey–you guys should’ve gotten along great, you both being Nazis.
Me: *rolls eyes* Of course. I think it must be a case of having too much in common with someone, so you end up hating each other.

(Fun fact: this has been going on for about a year now. I am shocked that we haven’t gotten bored with this very long-running joke.)

Maggie also put in her two weeks (maybe that’s why Mike didn’t really talk to her Monday…kind of sucks for her to be leaving us right as we go into the holiday season), so we spent a lot of time today speculating about who might be taking her place…

Tyler and I are horrified that we might get a supervisor from our old theatre. The one who we will always remember as the one who told the hiring manager that yes, he had gone to college for flute performance, but had decided to leave the “flute scene” because it’s “too political”. We laughed so much when we heard that story, but they ended up hiring him anyway. *shrugs* Oh well.

I just want to work with someone whose competent and not a jerk.

Bed now. Probably going to sleep most of the day tomorrow, because I feel kind of miserable. Cheers.